Tipper Trailer Rentals

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Haulmore Trailer Sales & Rentals offers a wide selection of transport equipment rentals including semi-trailers, low loaders, side tippers, water tankers and drop-deck trailers. Our knowledgeable team will help you select the best machinery for a specific project or for general use. We cater for single trailer rentals to entire fleets if you require. Contact us and tell us what you need.

Whether you are looking for transport equipment hire or vehicles for use in the mining, transport, earthmoving or agricultural industries, we offer a wide variety of vehicles and equipment to suit all kinds of industrial and commercial needs:

  • Side tippers
  • Water tankers
  • Low loaders
  • Flat tops
  • Drop deck trailers & extendables
  • Semi-trailers
  • Dolly trailers

Reasons to Rent

There are numerous advantages to hiring vehicles and equipment as opposed to buying. Here are a few:

  • No major capital outlay required:
    This allows you to meet demand quickly and enjoy easy access to a range of modern equipment.
  • Servicing and repairs are easily managed.
    Our team of mechanics is readily available if need be.
  • You can return units when no longer required:
    This enables operators to accurately contain costs on a project. This is made easier as the rental rates usually include license, insurance, storage and general wear and tear costs.
  • Meet peak demand as it occurs:
    When projects get busy, simply increase the amount of equipment you hire, and send it back once the job has been finished.
  • Frees up capital:
    Allows for development in other business areas.
  • Tax deductible:
    If the transport equipment is for businesses purposes.

Make the best use of your capital, save money and meet customer demands as they occur with our versatile trailer hire service.

Fill out the online enquiry form or contact us to discuss the best trailer rental options for your next project.

Haulmore has a range of flat top and drop deck semi trailers and extendables available to rent, suited to general freight transport, mining, government and agricultural industries. Choose from conventional flat top or drop deck trailers and extendables or tri-axle A semis. Sizes range from 40 to 48 feet. When you hire flat top and drop deck trailers from Haulmore you get superior quality rentals, backed with extensive product knowledge and experience. Take advantage of: Immediate access to late model transport vehicles Short or long term hire agreements Servicing Strong product knowledge to provide the best advice on the right equipment for the tasks required Professional customer service and competitive rates Business Benefits of Transport Equipment Hire Maximise productivity and your business budget with transport equipment hire. When projects get busy, simply increase the amount of equipment on hire, and send it back once the job has been finished. Transport equipment hire for business is also tax deductible. Contact us today for more details about transport equipment hire or available flat top and drop deck trailers suited to your requirements. Browse the images gallery to see our rigs. Flat Top, Drop Deck Trailers Image Gallery Flat top and drop deck trailers: Conventional flat top, drop deck trailers and extendables Tri Axle "A: Trailers 40 - 48ft trailers